Error when concatenating fields for instance name

I'm pick up where this post left off as I am having the same problem. Trying to set an instance name concat(${DateTime},'-',${Collector}) and I get the same error message (below) as the previous post did. Any suggestions?


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Can you please share the actual error message you are getting? Alternately or additionally, seeing the XLSForm you are working with would make it possible to reproduce the problem and troubleshoot it.

Thanks for your reply... below is the screenshot of the error and the xml code producing the error.

HWM_Form6.xml (22.5 KB)

I don't think Build supports the ${} format, so you'll have to expand it yourself. /data/ is the root node, so try something like this in your Build form: concat('HWM-',/data/DateTime,'_',/data/DateTime)

Will try. Many thanks.

I believe that got it... thanks again.