Error when logging in and error code 502 appears

I installed ODK on digital ocean with the following specifications:
Image: Ubuntu 22.10 x64
Size: 4 vCPUs
8GB / 160GB Disks
ODK central version: same as on github

I got this error when doing updates such as updating the image service and doing what is in the documentation: docker-compose build service, docker-compose stop service, docker-compose up -d service.
after running the script, i can't login with error A user is already logged in. Please refresh the page to continue.
after that I tried in incognito mode and there was an error code 502

I try to attach everything


This looks like a modified version of Central. Undo all your changes and try again. The read your container logs to see what is going wrong.

hii, thanks for your reply

i have done as you said. but for now there is no error because of that.

I don't know why the error suddenly disappeared. i do like this. i run these 3 scripts

  1. docker compose stop && docker compose build && docker compose up -d

  2. docker compose exec service odk-cmd --email user-create

  3. docker compose exec service odk-cmd --email user-promote

and all problems solved