Error when uploading form

Dear colleagues,
I have worked on an excel from and when it comes to uploading it to project, an error shows up saying

"xml contains multiple model nodes
Your file should have the .xls .xlsx, .xml file extension because MoDa uses XLS Forms to create forms"

Kindly help. I have attached the file for reference
Vehicle Logbook.xlsx (15.0 KB)

Dear @Awas ,

welcome to the forum! Please introduce yourself here when you have some time!

I tried to upload the form attached on Central 1.4.2 and on
All works fine.
Can you tell us a bit more on your backend server?
Are you using ODK Central? if yes which version?

@aurdipas Thanks for the feedback.
True all is well upon uploading on but when i upload on our platform (which i may not have much info about), it displays the error