Evaluation of constraints on forward swipe not feasible for Field-List Group

I have a group of questions that I want to put in a Field-List group, but I realize that the evaluation of logic for the whole group happens upon swiping to the next page, meaning say I put an Other Specify type of question within the group, for me to have access to the text field that I want to input my specification, I have to swipe forward then swipe back again to the previous group.Isn't there a better way of evaluating the value on select, like we do in java using javascript?

You can't evaluate before swiping next, the only option is to put the "other" prompt outside the 'field-list' group

Yes I know thats the only available option for now, and I am suggesting
adding that functionality of evaluating before swiping just like we do on

You can track progress on this issue at https://github.com/opendatakit/collect/issues/378.