Excel function assistance

I'm hoping someone can assist with an Excel formula to help crunch my ODK data.

Data is being collected by gender across a variety of nationalities. This means multiple columns within the XLS sheet which I'm trying to now merge into a single column - see attached.

i had a similar issue relating to numereric data but I've solved that problem but simply summing across the columns then copying the sum down through the row.

I'm guessing there is an equivalent method of copying text across using the correctly chosen formula but an hour's googling hasn't thrown up the answer.

Assistance appreciated.

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You could look at this link which will do exactly what you are after. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20103881/is-there-a-coalesce-like-function-in-excel

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@Paul_Storry Perfect. Thanks for responding so quickly.

@Paul_Storry. Belatedly found another of doing this. The concat function does the trick.


Admittedly sorting the result involves another step of copying the result using values into another cell but the extra step is minimal.

Posting this update in case it's of use to anyone else.

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