Excluding choices previously selected

I have a 2 question survey with a multiple select comprising 17 choices. In the first part of the question, I want the respondent to pick out as many choices as applicable to him/her. In the question that follows, the respondent is presented with a multiple select type question with the same choices as in the previous question. I would like the respondent to be presented with only choices which were not picked in the previous question. I have searched but only found solutions to examples where a follow up question only includes what has been previously selected before.
I need help on how to exclude all previously selected choices so that choices picked in the new question are completely different from those in the previous question.
In the form attached below, there are 17 choices. If for example someone multiple-selects the first 5 choices in Q1 (Which crop management practices have you learnt and practiced in the last one year), I would like Q2 (Which other crop management practices do you conduct in your field) to only present 12 options to select from, excluding the 5 which were previously selected in the question 1. Will be very grateful for help. Thanks

Attached is the xls form I have designed

You'll need to use a choice filter. See Choice filter with multiple selection for a solution.

Thank you for the response. I will check it out and give it a go in my next form. Cheers H.