Exit interview when 7 select one questions are no

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
I am collecting data on child development stages, we ask questions like can the child turn his head, if the mother responds with a no to seven questions in a row, the interviewer should say thank you and stop the interview, if say the interview continues, for example, if question one to six is no and question seven is yes, we continue until a new set of seven questions have "no" responses in a row.

They are over 100 select one questions with options as 1 = yes 2 = no 8 = don't know
I am struggling to write a logic for this

Must it be seven consecutive no answers to end early (eg alternate yes no answers would continue all the way to the end) or can it be seven non consecutive no questions (eg question 1, 8, 10, 11, 34, 50, 66 are no, then stop)

Yes, It must be 7 consecutive no answers in a row to end early, alternate yes no answers would continue all the way to the end

I only have two ideas and i don't like either of them. Hopefully someone else has a nice logic or number sum/ product trick.

  1. 93+ calculate fields that sum successive groups of seven questions values, then use the output of these plus the previous question being not blank to set relevance on questions 8 to 100+. You could ease creation of these with Excel textjoin expressions.
  2. Use a repeat, lookup the question text based on repeat position, sum the last seven responses using position, use this to set repeat count as either 100+ or the current repeat count if 7x no values have been summed.

Thank you for your response, I am also struggling with the idea of over 100 calculate fields.

For the second idea, I am not so sure I understood what you mean. Could you please explain it more, if you could use a simple example, I would appreciate

Many calculates isn't hard, it's just inelegant. And once you write one =concatenate(textjoin)) expression to create it, you can drag and spill the rest with relative cell references.

For the repeat, you would have to determine the repeat position.

Then use the position number to look up a choice list for the matching index number and get the question text, then display this value in the question label. That gets you the questions, and assumes the answers are yes/no/ don't know for every question.

As well you'll need to count (or count-non-empty) the items in the repeat

And calculate the sum of the answers using indexed-repeat for the count value through count-6.

Then if the sum is 14, you have 7x No answers and you can use this to set the repeat-count value to the current repeat count (else it's the max# of questions), which will then end the repeat and show a survey over screen.

It's a lot of extra mucking about and I'd probably just go with a lot of calculates at the bottom of the form, or whatever clever idea someone else has.

Okay. Thank you for the responses and the links

Here's an example with the calculates, labels, hints, relevances and calculates are all generated by excel fx, so you can easily extend it to more questions or add pre/post questions, just check the cell references to ensure they're still correct.

seven_questions.xlsx (587.1 KB)

I added a hint to show the sum of the previous seven questions just as a check.

Note, you can't use '8' for 'don't know', as the series of answers 8,1,1,1,1,1,1, sums to 14 which = seven 'no' answers. Change it to '9' and it's ok. You could keep 8 and use selected, but the logic is simpler if just summing.

Hi @LOwiti

Are you at liberty to share your questionnaire and does this follow a validated protocol or procedure? If yes, please share the procedure or a link to publicly available information about the tool, protocol or procedure. I want to have a better understanding of the tool and how it works. Thanks

Thank you so much! I will get back to you when I have implemented

Since @ahblake sent a sample, I will try and use it, if it does not work then I will send the questions

Thank you so much @ahblake !!! This is it