Experience with making audit actionable?

Hi ODK community,

I'm wondering if anyone is willing to share their experience making the audit feature actionable? It is very interesting information, but what does it enable you to do that you couldn't have done before? I'm looking for specific examples. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @paul_macharia! I am curious if you could explain more about your experience with the audit feature. It seems like you look for instances when a question was visited multiple times or answered multiple times. That is a proxy for challenges with a question. Could you describe an instance where that led to changes? I'm wondering if you find the audit useful for anything else?


Being able to track questions visited multiple times has helped me identify;

i) Questions enumerators could be having challenges getting the right answers (elicit correct responses the first time)

ii) Flag questions enumerators could be "manipulating" and try to hypothesize the reasons (switch responses to alter skip patterns or validation checks)

iii) Estimate time taken on a given question (time taken by a health provider to elicit number of sex/injecting partners from a newly diagnosed HIV case)

This feature has served me well on this. I thought this feature kept track of all the responses (changed or final) on each question responses were changed. I don't seem to see this output any more. Did something break?

Could the audit feature also be designed to able to generate column headers for the geo-data on the CSV output? I would like in the future to automate geo-tracking enumerators from the export output.

Great tool though

Paul Macharia


Hope you are well. I would like to know your experience with the "audit" feature. And more especifically, how do you work with this feature to discorver possible cases or frauds ..