Expert required for ODK development with fingerprint scan functionality

Dear Members,

I am looking for some expert who can help us incorporating the fingerprint scanning functionality to ODK. Interested persons may reply to get more details.

All I need is to capture fingerprint while collecting other bio data of survey respondents.

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Hi Syed, were you successful with this endeavor?


Yes, we made a small seperate app which reads the fingure scan.
Then added a button in ODK to launch the app at appropriate location and get the data.

Scan was taken using external scan device connected to android via cable.



Hi Syed, thanks for the quick response. How long did the app development take and did you have that capacity in house or did you have to contract somebody externally?
Is that app only for internal use in your organization?

The app development was not too complicated but it took a bit longer as we had to find the hardware first and then use that hardware's SDK in our development. We used SecuGen scanner.

I can try to find and share the app which we developed and used but I am not sure if that can be reused unless one has the exact same model of SecuGen scanner.

May be a good solution will be to explore fingure scanning hardware around you and then develop a small integration app foe that.

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Thanks Syed. If you’re able to share the app and the specifications of the hardware, that would be extremely helpful. There is a wide-range of fingerprinting
hardware available so I suspect the software for integration is going to be the major challenge.

Dear, plz give me two days. I am travelling with limited internet. I will share asap.

Not a problem, we’re not in a big rush at this point. Let me know, thanks.

We developed fingerprint solution for Crossmatch's Digital Persona UareU 4500 similar as you mention. Issue was not software (not matter SDK have cost) but hardware connected to device via cable using otg. It is not suitable for field operations. How was your experience using SecuGen scanners?

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Information while @Syed_Muhammad_Qadeer is available:

I have asked here for SDK. PFA pdf documentation FDx SDK Pro Programming Manual (Android) SG1-0036A-007.pdf (1.6 MB) .

Apparently SDK covers a lot of SecuGen devices: