Exported CSV files (using ODK Briefcase) contain forms that have already been deleted from the server

The CSV files that appear on my computer (after pull and export using ODK Briefcase) contain form submissions that I deleted from the server a few days ago. I do not want these to appear in my exports.

However, the CSV file that I can get directly from my .appspot.com ODK Aggregate web address, does not contain the old form submissions.

Why is the ODK Briefcase still exporting forms that have already been deleted?

I am using ODK Aggregate and ODK Briefcase - v.1.4.5 Production

My computer is a lenovo yoga and I am running microsoft windows 10 home

I have tried to fix the problem by exporting multiple times but no use.

Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Frances! This is how we designed Briefcase to work. Because people use it for back up and to move data from one server to another, we don't want it to delete data that is deleted from the server.

One option you can try is to select a different Briefcase storage folder and pull data to that storage folder. If you upgrade to Briefcase v1.8 another option to try is to export data from a particular date range (e.g., after the date you deleted forms). Are those good solutions to your problem?

Oh, and when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here. I'd also encourage you to add a real picture as your avatar because it helps build community!


Thank you so much Yaw, that has solved my issue! I have also introduced myself :slight_smile:

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