Exporting clean survey


Quick question that I'm sure has a quick answer. We have encoded a survey from paper to ODK that has since gone through several iterations of change. We would like a full list of all survey questions and answers with no questions hidden by survey logic (e.g. all showing up whether they depend on another question being answered a certain way or not) to track the iterations of change to the original survey and facilitate future changes. Is there an easy way to export a blank survey with all questions/responses?

Thank you!


There is a way to view all questions and answers and you may save that as pdf file or print. Convert the xlsform with http://opendatakit.org/xlsform/ and instead of downloading tap on Preview in Enketo and fill out all the question including possible skip logic questions. Save the form as pdf or print the form.

Hope this helps

Thanks for a quick reply! The issue with that approach is that the survey is designed such that entire sections only show up to certain interviewees (e.g. main food preparer, head of household, mother, etc). So there is no way to select responses such that all questions show.