Exporting data in SAV format from ODK Aggregate

Hi all,

Is it possible to export data in SAV format from ODK Aggregate?



Currently, no.

If this is a feature you'd like to see added to Aggregate, write a post in https://forum.getodk.org/c/features describing the general goal, example use-cases, and what you could contribute to making it happen. I've built a SAV exporter before so I'd be glad to help design it if someone else is willing to code it up.

Some alternatives you might consider are

Hi Yanokwa,

The point is that we are going to use ODK Aggregate, so we need to be sure that we have data exported in SAV or .dta.

So I wanted to know if there is any way to have data read by STATA or not?

Hi @Ali_Helmi

As mention by Yaw can either use ODKmeta or just export your data as csv
and import the csv or excel file directly into STATA.

Most organizations who collect data with ODK are using STATA for data

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Hi Ali,

We exclusively use Stata and SPSS with my company, and use ODK Aggregate. The workflow we use to get data from aggregate to .dta and .sav is as follows.

  1. Collect data on tables using ODK Collect.
  2. Tablets upload forms to ODK Aggregate
  3. Pull data from aggregate using ODK Briefcase
  4. Export from Briefcase to .csv
  5. In stata, install and use ssc 'ODKmeta' to reshape data, and add variable/value lables (stop here if using Stata for analysis)
  6. In Stata install and use ssc 'savespss' to save to .sav from Stata to save out to .sav (stop here if using SPSS).

This hinges on having Stata in order to reach .sav form with reshaped data with value and variable labels.


Hi Lloyd,

Many thank for your reply. I was wandering what do you mean by:

What is Briefcase?

Also for points 5 and 6, are these tools available for free? And how can we get them? I am sorry I have no background with stata, this why I am asking. :slight_smile:

Thank you again.

Hi @Ali_Helmi

Briefcase is an ODK tool that you can use to pull data off your devices or hosting server and export the data to a CSV format. It can be downloaded here

ODK Meta is available for free from Poverty Action

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As @Ronald_Munjoma mentioned, ODKmeta is free and was developed by Povertly Action. In your stata command window type "install ssc odkmeta" and it will install. After that, use "help odkmeta" for instructions.

savespss is the same process ('install ssc savespss' and 'help savespss')

Good luck!