External app misbehaving after upgrading Collect (was working fine on older version)

I have an external app that is called from Collect (designed using the documentation given here). We were using the older version (v1.30.1) before, and everything used to work fine. By everything I mean based on the form design:

  1. External App used to return values to single field
  2. It used to return values to multiple fields

Now after downloading the latest version of Collect (v2022.4.4), only Item 2 above works. When called to populate a single field, nothing is seen in the response in Collect after the external app returns.

There has been no change made to the form or the external app, the only difference is that I upgraded Collect. Is there a difference in the way that external intent works between the old and new versions of Collect?

Hi @ks_1
There should be no difference but it's difficult to tell what's wrong. I've tested my testing app and both populating single questions and populating multiple question work as expected.

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