External CSV file with automatic update on mobile device

Hi all,

I would like to build a form where i can enter a someones household ID and then the form pulls data from an external CSV file to check if that household has already received a voucher card. My idea is to have the external CSV file have a column with registered household IDs and a second column with a 'yes' next to those who have received and a 'no' or black cell next to those who have not. I am thinking that a pull-data function could serve this purpose.

My next question to this would be is there a way that the external CSV form could be updated without the form on the mobile device having to be updated?

Any guidance on this would be much appreciated.


Hi Joshua,

Yes, the pull data function will work.

Yes, you can update the csv , and update the form version number, then replace the form, no further changes, and you should be able to see the updated csv. To ensure updates are sent automatically to the device when connected you can set form update check in odk collect.

All this is provided the form is downloaded from the server and the device have internet access. If forms are pushed manually, then the csv have to pushed manually aswell.


Thank you so much.

where can I find the 'set form update check'?

It's in General Settings -> Form management

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Thanks for your reply!

I'm struggling to find form management. I'm using Kobo collect - is that the reason why i cant find it?

Yes, Kobo uses an older ODK Collect version which doesn't contain that feature.

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Thanks for your quick reply!

Hey, thank you for the initial support, it's helped alot!

I have a question related to that pull data function.

I'd like to have a form which you would have to enter a number first before proceeding to the next questions. I would like to make it so that the questions are only shown if the correct number, which would be stored as a media file, is entered. Can the questions be added into a group using the relevant column combined with pulldata?


Just a gentle nudge on the above as i'm stumped as to how to do it