External selects for revisit and new households

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
Hi, we are trying to use ODK to collect data for some revisited households. We have collected data for about 1000 households in 50 villages for 2 years. This year we plan to use ODK to collect the data for these 1000 households again. Now we used the external choice spreadsheet to pull the household list of each village with the filter of district and village. It works pretty well. Now we are facing the problem that we would like to hold the possibility of including new households in each village just in case some old households cannot make it this year. Is it possible to add a choice of "999" for each village (we used to mark the new households as "999" in the past) since there are some questions that are only applicable to new households. But the "unique" name of choice seems to prevent us from doing that.

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AWS, Samsung T380(Andriod)
3. What you have you tried to fix the problem?
I tried to add "999" as a choice without specify any filter conditions (i.e., district and village) or add "999" as a choice for each district and village. They did not work.
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Hi @Shawn

I haven't seen your form but, based on the description, I'd add a select_one question before asking the household_id. The variable could be: is this an existing or new household?
If the select existing, the form proceed as you have with the input of the hhid code.

If it's new, then you can skip the pulling of data, and proceed to the questionnaire.
If you want to add the 999 field, you can do so with a calculated variable.

I hope I understood your problem and that this helps.


Thanks Andrea. This helps!