Facing issue in ODk briefcase installation

I have installed AdoptOpenJDK and uninstalled the WinRAR too, but I couldn't open ODK Briefcase, in open with what I need to select and open ODK briefcase latest version

Hi @Babu_Lakshmi
could you provide more details? Are you getting any error or something? Here is the section in docs that describes setting up ODK Briefcase Setting Up ODK Briefcase — ODK Docs did you follow the steps described there?

Bonsoir @Grzesiek2010
Moi c'est pareil. J'ai téléchargé OpenJDK11U-jdk_x86-32_windows_hotspot_11.0.9.1_1 et ODK-Briefcase-v1.18.0 en suivant les instructions mais ODK Briefcase ne s'ouvre pas quand je fais le double clique pour l'ouvrir.

are you getting any error or it just is not opening?

Hi @Grzesiek2010
It just not open

Are you just starting using ODK Briefcase or maybe you used it before? I'm asking because maybe you have something in your ODK Briefcase Storage that breaks opening it? If so please make a copy of it and let the app start with an empty storage.