Failed Form Upload To Google Server

hey everyone.

i had a couple of enumerators go out into the field to conduct interviews using ODK collect and uploading forms onto the same google server but a couple of them failed to upload and said it was because when they tried to upload, their forms had more columns than the submission URL required. I encountered this problem with a couple others and all i had to do was create a new sheet for that specific person but this did not work for the last 3. ODK collect v1.24.1. please assist.

Hi @Nothabo

All of them upload filled forms of exactly the same form?


Yes yes, they downloaded a specific form and had to fill it in multiple times.

or alternatively, is there a way to send the forms from one device to another? using ODK collect?

If it's the same form and you didn't change anything in the sheet manually such an error shouldn't occur... could you maybe share the form with me for testing or even show me the sheet?

There is a project which allow transferring forms between devices.

the only changes made were to the form and new blank sheets were created for the individuals with the new form.

SampEvalZimUpdate2.xml (405.9 KB)

the link to the sheet is this one

could you elaborate? what do you mean by a new form? I ask whether all your enumerators used exactly the same form.

no they did not, but the ones with a new form had a blank sheet to upload to

What was the difference between those forms?

would you mind sharing the project?

just additions to one question that was a choose one question. no other ammendments were made

ok that's enough, that's the reason.

In ODK Collect before we allow sending a filled form we check existed columns (each column represents one question). If it doesn't match we don't allow to send such a form, because we don't know if it's the same form, and it would be difficult to put answer in appropriate cells.

You can add some small changes like adding an appearance to a question or changing its text but not adding/removing questions.

even if they download the form as a new one from the server and use a new submission URL as well?

If you have a new submission url, what means you will have a separate spreadsheet for the updated version everything will be fine you just can't use the same spreadsheet for different forms or forms that contain additional questions (like in your case).

I had not added a new question, I had edited one question and provided new blank sheets for the individuals who had the updated form.

I managed to figure it out though the trick was to keep all the versions of the form downloaded in Collect and not delete them so that the app can recognize them. Then using a blank sheet link as the new submission URL. thank you so much for everything!