Failure to PULL completed forms from using ODK Briefcase (Unauthorized 401)

Hi everyone,

when I try to pull data from ONA with Briefcase, I get the following error message in Details:

Fetching form definition
resolving against briefcase form definitions
Fetching form manifest
preparing to retrieve instance data
retrieving next chunk of instances from server...
NOT ALL SUBMISSIONS RETRIEVED: Error fetching list of submissions: Fetch of submission download chunk failed. Detailed error: UNAUTHORIZED (401) while accessing:
Please verify that the URL, your user credentials and your permissions are all correct.

It seems as though I'm unauthorized, but I doublechecked URL, username and password, and these shouldn't be wrong if I am able to see all my forms in the list.

I followed all steps from

Thanks a lot in advance!

It seems I found the issue: When copy-pasting the url from my browser (where I was logged into my ona-account) it added a slash in the end. Removing the slash resolved the issue, no problem pulling data now.
Just in case anyone in the future is just as stupid as me :wink: