Fetching data in realtime from Kobo account to Google form, Power BI or Excel

Hi Support team,
My name is Charles from Nigeria, I currently work for an international development organization. I am involved in a lot of data gathering, analysis, and reporting.

I have a data on my kobo account which I want to connect to Power Bi, Google Sheets, or excel. I need to fetch data from the kobo server in real-time to any of these (Power Bi, Google Sheet, or excel). I was able to fetch the data from Kobo to Power Bi and Excel, but the data imported does not come in the form of the normal excel export. The data fetched looks very distorted and dirty which find it very difficult to clean. I will also like to state that the form contains a repeat group
Thanks in anticipation
screening_xlsform.xlsx (13.2 KB)

I'm sorry you are having problems with Kobo. While Kobo and ODK are related, they are separate platforms. Since you are using Kobo, please ask the Kobo team at https://community.kobotoolbox.org for help.

And for anyone else who comes across this post, you can learn how to easily export data and build live-updating dashboards below.

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Thank you very much for your swift response.
I really appreciate your support.