Filerep malware warning with Aggregate download


I've trying to download the Aggregate V1.4.15 Windows installer, but my AVG scanner keeps quarantining it because it claims the installer contains a filerep malware. My first thought was this is a false positive as Aggregate may contain some sort of pop-up that AVG doesn't like. Just to be safe, I though it best to ask if any of you folks have come across this. Cheers.

Hi @Aeolus! Thanks so much for reporting this issue.

I think this is a false positive, but just to double check, can you send me the link to the website you used to download the Aggregate v1.4.15 installer?

I just ran into this same issue, also with Avast antivirus. I was downloading the windows installer from this page:

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Greetings Yaw,

Thanks for the response. I used the windows installer link from the ODK website. To be safe, I installed the program in a sandbox and everything seemed fine. Once it was up and running, I re-scanned the sandbox and nothing was detected. I'm pretty sure it was indeed a false positive (or a very sneaky filerep, but I think those are pretty easily detected).