Filter choice list by two user-provided values

I would like to build a form a number of questions that depend on both of the country and the domain.
I know how to filter by country or by domain or by anything else, but not by more than one element
How could I filter my questions by country and domain?

Thanks very much for your help !

If you use the excel format to define the form, in the relevant column you can add multiple conditions using and and/or or.

For example you can have a condition that states (country == 1) and (domain == 5)

Does this help?

Thanks very much for your help.
I am already using the relevant column to filter the question but the syntax is this one :
what should be the syntax to apply what you suggest?

I tried to use your syntax but I got the following error :
Encountered a problem with display condition for node [${q1}.1a] at line: (country == Ctry1),

Try srh like

selected(${country},'Ctry1') and selected(${domain},'Domain5')

I also have Ctry1 in column choice_filter.
Do I need to write
Ctry1 and Domain5?

I have tried
selected(${country},'Ctry1') and selected(${domain},'Domain5')
but unfortunately it does not work. Any hint? Thanks

What do you mean that it doesn't work? Could you attach your form as an example?

Have you placed this condition under the relevant column of the question of interest? By the way when you say filtering questions based on a country do you mean that there is a question set for each country or domain?