Filter options to remove previously selected choices

hello, was there a solution to this question, i have the same exact choice filter issue. Sorry the questionnaire is in Swahili. But i would like that if in the first question, choice 1(Nguruwe pori) from the list is selected, this choice (Nguruwe pori) should not appear in the choice list of the next question this is to avoid repeating choices, which has been happening a lot with my team. I have the choice filter there but it doesn't work, i must be either writing it wrongly or something is wrong somewhere.

Choice_filter _Swahili to share.xlsx (14.0 KB)

you need to adjust your choice_filter
mnyama != ${mnyama_1}
--> name != ${mnyama_1}
mnyama != ${mnyama_1} and mnyama != ${mnyama_2}
--> name != ${mnyama_1} and name != ${mnyama_2}

Choice_filter _Swahili to share - edits.xlsx (14.1 KB)

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Thank you, this was helpful.