Filter sum() inside repeat

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Since my explanation of this specific problem can be miss-understood to you or be insufficient enough to make you clear, I have attached sample data table exactly the same what I want to achieve now during the interview with the respondent.

Inside the same repeat, is it possible programmatically to get sum() value of Length up to the previous repeat index? As attached image.
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Check the XLSForm. If the form works let us know.
repeat_index_sum.xlsx (17.9 KB)

My purpose is to get the result like the above sample data table, when downloaded from Central Server in excel format.

During data collection, if the enumerator goes back to previous index to correct or edit the value of any previous index value of the repeat group, it gives undesired results.


You are right, editing gives undesired results. I do not know the way which might resolve the problem.

If your repeat is not many you could use the attached form. Please check and let us know if stated problem solves this form. Note that after edit calculation reevaluates in form savings time.
repeat_indexed_sum.xlsx (18.2 KB)

If there is programmable fully dynamic example that calculates sum() until previous indexed value, that would be perfectly fitting my project.

For this to achieve, I am breaking my head for many days whereas I do not have background of any programming language.


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Hope anybody would help me ! Thanks, @ARIF_AZAD_KHAN