Filtering for pull data

I have worked with the pulldata feature in XLS forms and I wish to use in a new context. I have two source CSV files one with household ids and a second with the bio data of individuals associated with the household. I will make the household id a searchable dropdown field then upon picking I wish to loop through and display all individuals in the second CSV that reside in the household value selected. How can I accomplish this in the XLS form?

I think you should be able to use a select_one with appearance set to search for the question asking for the household ID. And for your list of individuals add a fourth column that contains their household ID, and then use choice_filter to show only those individuals with a matching household ID as options for the next select question.

In my case I wanted to display the individuals in the households all at once, perhaps as a note question type. Is there a way to play around with some for each loop for this. In addition, is there a means to dynamically fill the fourth column with the household ID under the choices sheet? The survey coverage area could be wider and the household list could be very very long.

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I was able to get a note to display the filtered nodeset of options for a hidden question. But I didn't yet figure out if it's possible to get the choice labels.
list-choices.xlsx (10.3 KB)

What does your source data look like? Excel has various formulas such as VLOOKUP that might be useful for formatting your data for the survey.