Fix None/Don't know/Others at the bottom while randomize=true

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.
i have a list for 10 options,
Option A
Option B
Option C
Option D
Option E
Option F
Option G
Option H
None/Dont Know

I want to randomize the list but None and Don't know should be fix at bottom, how can i achieve this..


What if you split it into 2 questions like so? It has the awkward space, but I think the constraint and required formulas make it act like a single question.

randomize_with_fixed.xlsx (10.1 KB)


Note, there is an issue here that the above constraint logic doesn't actually prevent selecting one of the "None/Dont Know/Others" first, and then subsequently selecting one of the randomized options (!), permitting the user to actually get this:

which is only picked up if they hit [Validate] which tiggers all the constraint rules in the form to be re-evaluated, at which point the constraint in ${question_alt} will correctly kick in and identify the problem.

Try this - I put a mutually exclusive constraint on both questions, so it will immediately trigger a constraint error when the user tries to select one from both [I dropped the required, since it wasn't prescribed]:
randomize_with_fixedv2.xlsx (10.0 KB)


thank @Xiphware for your solution, but how can i tackle multiple select. could you please give me solution on this like previous

I assume you wish to allow the user to be able to select 'Others' in addition to one or more (or none!) of the randomized options? If so, try this:

randomize_with_fixedv3.xlsx (10.0 KB)