Force using back camera

Hi all, My question is I am using ODK for data collection and I am using a phone which when I am taking photos is uses a front camera Is there any method so we can change to a back camera.

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The default image widget (with type = image) can be modified to be a self portrait image and use the camera on the side of the phone with the screen. To do this, add an appearance column to your XLSForm with a value of new-front for the question.

@danbjoseph does @Mohammad_Odeh have the opposite problem, the phone is defaulting to the front/selfie/screenside camera and they want the rear/back camera (which ought to be the default). If the device is non-compliant, trying new-front is definitely worth trying tough.

@Mohammad_Odeh - I don't know if this is your issue, but if you open the phone's native camera application outside of ODK, and switch it to the back camera, then load ODK and try again, does it still default to the front camera? I noticed that the camera's last used setup will be used by ODK on some Samsung devices (Galaxy S10, TabS6) I was using, so changing in the camera app fixed the default behaviour.

(silly question, when you are presented with the front camera in ODK, do you get the option to switch to the back camera?)