Forcing numbers + decimal point keypad


I have created a form that has a numeric code in the form 01.001

I have made it a text field so that I can have the appropriate zeros at the front but chosen appearance = numbers to give the numeric keypad. This worked fine on my old tablet ( an ASUS fonepad). However, with my new tablet ( its a samsung galaxy tab). the keypad brought up is JUST numbers, without the decimal point as an option. Is there a way of making it bring up the numeric+decimal point keypad?

I have decimal type fields too, and it works fine, so I know the appropriate keypad is in there and can be called. Just can't work out what to put in the appearance to make it happen!

Thanks for any help with this!



Hi @Hannah_Betts,

The issue there is on the keyboard it self. I dont think if there is a way to force that in odk.
My side am very used to a custom keyboard app, i find it to be very convenient. Check this one out

You can have a text field with numbers if you set the numbers appearance. That should allow numbers, hyphens and decimal points.

Can you both try it, @dicksonsamwel and @Hannah_Betts?

Hi Yaw, that is what i did, see the snapshot.

Ugh, my mistake @dicksonsamwel. I did not read the post carefully enough.

I can confirm appearance=numbers keyboard has a decimal on my Moto G, but it doesn't have one on the Galaxy Tab.

I'm not sure if this is a regression of it it's always been this way. @dicksonsamwel and @Hannah_Betts can you tell me the specific model number (e.g. SM-T285) and Android version (e.g., v5.1.1)? You can find that in the settings under About device.

Hi @yanokwa,

No problem. I tested on SM-T355, with Android ver 7.1.1

A sort of workaround that might help if the hardware/OS issue persists?

|    type     |   name    | label | appearance |           calculation           |
| begin group | code      |       | field-list |                                 |
| text        | part-a    | Code  | numbers    |                                 |
| text        | part-b    | .     | numbers    |                                 |
| calculate   | full-code |       |            | concat(${part-a},'.',${part-b}) |
| end group   |           |       |            |                                 |

The full-code field in the data export will have the parts combined, and looks something like this on my phone:

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Thanks for the help guys, sorry for late reply, I have been on holiday. It is a total pain! I had to redo all of my forms as we got some new tablets in. It seems to be a problem with all samsungs. Doesn't look like there is much i can do about it, so they are text fields for the foreseeable, with appropriate constraints.

Hi @Hannah_Betts,

Sorry for the trouble you have encountered.

Had you checked the custom keyboard app? How to do you find it?

Not much I can do with custom keyboards as I don't have access to the devices anymore, they are out in the field and the users aren't really up to changing to another keyboard. Might do something next time I have access to them.