Form auto send and after send it’s open automatically

Dear ODK Team,

I have two requirements regarding ODK Collect.

  1. I have a feedback form,i wanted when form filled by client,it's automatically send without pressing "Save Form and Exit Button".
  2. My second requirement is that when one form send automatically,newly blank form open without pressing "Fill Blank Form Button",screenshot of form is attached.


I asked you to create a topic here in Features and describe everything carefully using the template, not just copy/paste here. It's something you need so if you don't care how it looks like, whether it's clear and well described you chances we add it are really small.

Thanks for sharing your requirements, @tasadduq786.

Are you familiar with the auto-send setting in General Settings > Form management? It is under the "Form submission" heading. If you turn that on, users do need to tap the save button but that will automatically trigger submission.

The other feature I would suggest that you explore is creating Android shortcuts to specific forms. See the documentation.

With those two features, you can have a workflow where the person taking the survey taps your survey form directly, fills it out, saves it (and auto-sends) and then goes back to the Android landing screen where they can see your form. You can clear out all other icons from the Android landing screen so that your form is very clearly identifiable.

In order for Collect not to open after a form has been saved, you will need to make sure it is out of memory before tapping on the Android desktop shortcut. How this is done varies by Android device so please ask if that workflow would work for you but you're not sure how to remove Collect from memory.

Thanks LN,

I fill the above attached form and send on clicking "Save Form and Exit" button, I want after sending the form,it's open automatically without pressing "Fill Blank Form" button.


Could you please try the workflow that I have suggested? To be clear, what will happen is that users will click the "Save Form and Exit" button, go back to the Android landing screen, and only have to tap on the name of your form to fill the form again.

Thanks LN,
I follow the both workflow that you suggested me:

  1. Auto-send setting
  2. Desktop Shortcut
    both working fine.

Once sending form,my form again open automatically without pressing Android desktop shortcut.

Any replay of my requirement?

Nope, every implemented feature is marked as solved and we would respond.

Great! And could those work for you? Those are the features that would give you the workflow closest to what you ask for.

Another thing to consider is to use the new filled form map as your data collection landing screen if you are collecting data with a location. Then data collectors will just need to tap the + button to start filling a new form.

I understand your requirement but I don't think it's likely that such a feature would be added any time soon. It adds more complexity without significant benefit given what already exists. That's why I encourage you to consider the alternatives I have described.

Thanks LN.
Very Grateful to you.

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