Form creation using xml on odk buld

hellow, my name is chillah from tanzania, am very thankful with this forum actually its helps me alot. am using odk buld to create a form that consisted two quastion i want a person to choose district/country on the same page group after selecting a requred district it show its villages below, then proceed with other quastions.

select disrict (mvomero, municipal)
if - select mvomero
show - (melela,mlali)

if -select municipal
show (kimambi,solinga)

this quastion should be asked on spot when the form is opened so that the participant can select the location where the data is collected. if you have any thing similar to this or any thing specific. am using xml just started lerning yester day! please help any advice or anything.

Hi @Chillah_Fani

This is referred to as a "cascading select" . Please read the XLSForms documentation and GetODK documentation

Sorry I have never used ODK Build but I am sure the docs will give an understanding the cascade principle