Form fails to skip

I am developing a HH questionnaire, which allows for skips or rather multiple skips, My program is not giving correct skip sequence.
Assuming that Q1 if Answered ..No.... you skip to Q11 or the next section. It is failing to do that. yet am coding under Relevant column.


please attach your form then we can check what's wrong.

HH_Quest.xlsx (34.7 KB)

Hello tebok.

Please get attached of the XLS file. Hope it works for you. I had just worked on section F : Electricity. Similarly other can be done as well. I had checked as well it works fine with me .

Dinesh Dongol HH_Quest.xlsx (33.5 KB)

THank you so much.

I have a row that needs to capture about 13 numbers, integer only captures 10. can i use string instead

Integer allowed to number from 0 to 9, where as strings allows us alphabet and number both.

I didn't get your question. Can you explain?

What can I use instead of integer that will capture numbers only

Probably the closest you can get to accomplish this is to use a text question with appearance='numbers'; see Number Text Widget. This will allow you to effectively enter a (longer) text string, but will only present a keyboard permitting entering digits (although it allows for typing a decimal place too, so YMMV...). This is really the only other way to enter especially long numbers that otherwise exceed the 'normal' (32bit?) integer range.

Thank you so much, It has worked well

In a Begin Repeat Statement where you have a list of choices to make, how do you ensure that you do not repeat the same choice that was previously selected?
For Example: Diesel, Petrol, Paraffin, LPG....How do I make my program to grey the one that has been previously selected to avoid repetition.

Thank You in advance for your responses.