Form layouts in Real-Time Survey


We can actually do more flexible layouts (like the screenshots below), and it's only available in our platform (Real-Time Survey).

And yes, you can design this fairly easily using xlsform syntax. Just a reference: we train a bachelor-degreed (sociology or economics) staff for a few days and they should be able to do it.

Hello Trung. Would you happen to have the excel version of the XML you sent. Want learn how to create such tables.

No, unfortunately I haven't received it in xlsform yet.

Hi, the attached xlsx form produces the attached screens in our form engine.
Contact_App_G3.xlsx (45.9 KB)

Dear Trung,

Can you please upload the xls version of the RTA_Matrix_Sample_form.xml

Best wishes


Sorry I couldn't find it anywhere. We have stopped using it already. We are now using a more flexible version as you see in the contact form.

Hi Trung,

Thank you for the prompt response,

I am trying to create a simple one page form (similar to a table or even an excel sheet) - where facilitators can enter information after each session of an intervention. The information I would like to collect, for now at least, is;

1- Weekly attendance (Yes/No)

2- Home work completed (Yes/No)

3- Phone call made (Yes/NO). If "Yes", duration of the call. If "No", reason why call unsuccessful

4- SMS message sent (Yes/No). if "No, reason why.

When the SMS is ticked "No", this could lead to a drop down menu on the same page where you can add a comment (when finished this drop down menu could disappear from view). If the Phone call is ticked "Yes", the drop down box for entering the duration the call comes into view. And if Phone call section is ticked "No", the drop down box appears and a comment regarding reasons why phone call unsuccessful are entered.

I envisage one page with approx. 17 spaces for participant identifiers (i.e. numbers 465838) and across from each participant is several sections which you tick (Yes/No). For example;

Select Session = (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)

ID Attendance Homework Phone call SMS

48484 Yes No Yes Yes

88588 No ….. …… ….

Each week facilitators would complete this form and send it to the ODK server.

Thank you for the support, all information and advice is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes


This should be available with ODK Collect, no?


Is this UI design still possible in current version of xlsform and ODK central / compiler?

Hi Hugh,

It's possible with rtSurvey, which is compatible with xlsform.