Form listing failing on Aggregate

Any news on this? I'm having the same problem trying to download the WHO Verbal Autopsy form...

WHOVA2016_v1_5_3_XLS_form_for_ODK.xlsx (78.1 KB)
WHOVA2016_v1_5_3_XLS_form_for_ODK.xml (1.3 MB)

Aggregate version: v1.4.15 Production
Collect version: v1.30.1

I've already solved the problem.

In my case, I changed recently the fully qualified hostname to access the Aggregate service in my network but I forgot to change it in the file. Therefore, you can list forms although the URL you are using for accessing does not match with the security.server.hostname property but if they do not match, you cannot download them.

Hope this helps.

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