[Form Logic] Choice Filter

Form attached below.


  • In Row 14 of "survey" tab, I have a question where I want the options for that question to be based on the answer in the previous question.
  • If in Row 13, user selects "primary" then I want options 1 & 2 visible; If user selects "both" I want 2 & 3 visible.

Right now all 3 options are visible regardless of what I choose in row 13.

Please let me know what fix is required. Thanks in advance!

Elementary Mentoring Form - May 2023.xlsx (191.5 KB)

Hi @susheevar ,

please find below a working example. There are other solutions but this one works fine.
Add a filter (name it as you want) ins the choices sheet and fill it for your "totalclasses" choices, then use it in the choice_filter column of your survey sheet.

Elementary Mentoring Form - May 2023.xlsx (147,1 Ko)

You can check the documentation here :
and a tutorial here :

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Thank you so much Mathieu!