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how do I add my "form_logo.png" or institution logo using xlsform and google drive, in kobo and aggregate it was enough to define a note field for logo and a media :: image column and upload it to the aggregate when loading the xml but since aggregate is no longer supported, how do I adjust this with google drive and xlsfomr? What should i configure in drive before?

also try to create a folder in the internal memory of the cell phone to add the image but with the new version of odk Collect it is no longer possible to access it.

consulta, ¿como hago para agregar mi "form_logo.png" o logo de institución usando xlsform y google drive, en kobo y aggregate bastaba que definiera un campo note para logo y una columna media::image y subirla al aggregate al momento de cargar el xml pero ya que aggregate ya no tiene soporte, como lo ajusto esto con google drive y el xlsfomr? ¿que debo configurar en drive antes?

además intente crear una carpeta en la memoria interna del celular para agregar la imagen pero con la nueva versión de odk collect ya no es posible acceder a ella

If you are using Central you don't need to use Google Drive. You can upload forms directly to the server, download them to your device, and send collected data back to the server.

As to the logo, we no longer support form_logo.png. I've attached an example form with a logo that you can try as an alternative.


Thanks I can to load the images without problems in central odk, only that I was testing how make the same files were handled with Google drive, since it is for a class project, I could already load without problems thanks, but I have not been able to find the documentation of how it does same with google drive if need to create new folder only for image and how can vinculate?

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