Form size questions

Hi people,

I'm having trouble uploading my forms. I try to send by 4g mobile and the send fails. But for wi-fi the sending succeeds. I know that the size of the form is the problem, it has more than 400 question. But I was wondering if you have a solution to send by 4g? (The error is timeout) Maybe zip the file, or increase the odk time to upload (from 60 sec to 180) or force the odk use more of the internet bandwith? I will be coordinating a team of 50 people and areas where wi-fi is not easy to access and I need to check the progress of the search in real time. I read a few things about it, but i was hoping a solution would appear from somewhere.

Sorry for the english, but I hope I was clear.

Hi Joao,

could you try to configure tomcat increasing the connectionTimeout parameter?
"The default value is 60000 (i.e. 60 seconds) but note that the standard server.xml that ships with Tomcat sets this to 20000 (i.e. 20 seconds). "


Hi Aurelio,

I'm sorry for being slow to answer, but my problem was not the time for upload. I had to upgrade mySQL to postSQL. My form was too big for my server.

Thank you for the attention.

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