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There is an option of version in the settings page . What is the use of it . Can we create XForm with different versions and upload on to the Aggregate though it's Form ID is same?.

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No, in the Aggregate you can't have multiple forms with the same id, so an old version would be removed. The reason of that is you can upload a newer version of our form and the in Collect it's visible that a newer version is available. You don't need to remove the old version or create a form with completly different id.


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So if we remove the old version and upload a new version the data will be lost?.

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Yeah if you remove your form from Aggregate all submissions are removed too.

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You may find the following documentation helpful: - it details what changes can be made to the form without setting a new form id.

Before removing old data you should first download and export old data and then download this data.
After downloading this data you can delete form from the server. Then update your new form on the server.


You shouldn't recommend using such a way it would be helpful if we hadn't that option with versioning. That's why versioning exists to avoid such a complicated operations.

Yes, you are right but the way @SGSC asked the question I answered in that way, I know it's not a best practice to do work.


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