Form works on Enketo but does not work on Kobo Collect/ODK Collect

I have built a form on Kobotoolbox and tested it on Enketo and mobile apps. It works perfectly on the web version. However, when I use it on Kobo Collect/ODK Collect, an error occurred: "XPath Evaluation: type mismatch. You can see details in the picture.

I'm using KoboCollect 1.14.0a and ODK Collect .1.17.2 on Android 5.1.1 (my phone) and Android 6.0 (my tablet).
(I'm sure that I don't need the indexed-repeat() function)
Can anyone please help me out with this? I attach here the excel form.
questionnaire_coding.xls (150.5 KB)

Thank you!

Hi @hanh

Looks as if it's the same issue like here. It should help.