Forms re-submission

Dear Users, greetings
i am using ODK collect integrated with google sheet, we submitted many forms there, but some of them are not received or probably deleted by one of the usere, now this forms are available in "view sent form" menu of the collect, but they are not re-submetible, so, how can we resubmit these form, if here is any one faced with such case, please leave a comment, i seriously need your help.
thanks in advance.

Hi @Mansour

If your forms are still on your device you can go to Send Finalized Forms then open a popup menu (three dots) -> Change View -> Show Sent and Unsent Forms and you can send those forms again.

But if you use the Delete after send option or you have deleted those forms manually via Delete Saved Forms option from the Main menu it won't be possible because they are no longer on your device.



Alguna vez me sucedió eso, lo que hice fue conectar el dispositivo a mi PC, busque la carpeta ODK-instancias-busque la carpeta del estudio y posterior a eso busque los formularios que se habían eliminado del servidor, los copie en el escritorio y luego hice el mismo proceso guardando estos formularios en otro dispositivo en el que se estaba trabajando el mismo estudio, luego ingrese normalmente al dispositivo donde había guardado los formularios y como desde este no se habían enviado me aparecían en la opción "Enviar formularios Finalizados", he realizado esto dos veces y me ha funcionado efectivamente.

Thank you very, very and very much dear @Grzesiek2010 , the best solution, and the easiest way.

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