Forms with external file not appearing in Briefcase export tab

Hi. Found this thread while looking for information on how to make briefcase work with Central. We are using ODK-Briefcase-v1.17.4 to pull data from Central. No problem with Pull, but we cannot make Export work for forms with child tables. The Export tab does not show the list of forms with repeat groups, making it impossible to export data to csv. Is this an existing issue? Is there an existing workaround? While there is a download option in Central, the tables include the group names. We need the tables to use only the field names, without the group names.



This is not an issue I’m aware of. Briefcase doesn’t know what forms have repeats before it starts an export so it’s unexpected that some forms would not be available in the export tab. When your pull completed, was “Success” displayed? In the settings tab, there is a button to synchronize with the Briefcase directory. What happens if you try that? If you can share your form definition I could do some additional troubleshooting.

Thank you! Here's a screenshot of the pull end export tabs of briefcase. Where can I send the form definitions? I will send a copy of the definition of the form that appeared in the export tab and the form def of a form that did not appear in the export tab.

Thank you so much! @LN

Hi, @LN.

Turns out that it is not the repeat group that's causing the problem. It's the "select_one_from_file [listname]" type of question that we use in the cascading selects. We select_one_from file because search() in appearance does not work with Enketo. We use Enketo for our webforms. And we need to use external csvs for large choice lists. No problem using the form both in ODK Collect and Enketo, however, ODK Briefcase is not able to recognize the forms where we use select_one_from_file. It can pull the data, but the forms are not displayed in Push and Export tabs.

Thank you, that makes sense. I don't think that I need your form definition, that should give me enough information.

@Vinia_Marciano we have just released ODK Briefcase v1.18 which should address this issue. Please give it a try and let us know how it works for you.

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@LN Thank you so much! It's working now. However, the SubmissionDate column is still empty. But I think that's a totally different issue. And we are also looking forward to updates on the SubmissionDate in Briefcase.

Again, thank you very very much!! Kudos to ODK, to you, and your excellent team!



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