French surveys not finalising


I have recently created a survey in both French and English to be used in West Africa. Unfortunately when the field workers finish a survey it forces them to go back to some particular questions. I think this is related to the use of the À character in the choices tab, particularly if it as the start of the answer.

I can just change "À" for A so it's no big deal but I'd be interested if anyone has seen this problem. Thank you.

Hi @stuart_stevenson

Could you attach your form?

Unfortunately no, it does not belong to me. There are several layers of groups as well that would make creating a dummy form tedious. Like I said, it isn't important to get it fixed because I can just change the letter. I was just interested if anyone had come across a similar phenomena before.

Thanks anyway.

Hi @stuart_stevenson, welcome to ODK!

I understand creating a dummy might take time and I wanted to ask for you to consider contributing that time to the ODK community.

I ask this because the seemingly minor bug that you've come across could be masking a bigger bug that could be affecting a large group of users in subtle ways.

If you can meet us halfway and help us reproduce the bug, I can guarantee that we will do our part to make sure this bug doesn't affect the hundreds of thousands of people who use ODK Collect.

And if it's an issue of posting the form privately, perhaps you can ask the form owner for permission to send it to me directly?