Future outlook for ODK?

what is the future outlook for ODK?

Going strong into the future... why?

Perspectives of the future are motivating elements in the presentation of a tool for ODK to find its place in teaching. It is necessary to prove the vision of ODK in the future.

Hi and welcome, @KAMPEMPE! We'd love to learn more about you and the projects you work with. We have a thread for introductions: Introduce yourself here!. Also consider reading through that thread to see more of the impactful projects that ODK is being used for.

You can learn more about the project governance at https://opendatakit.org/community/governance/#tsc-1. The TSC keeps track of high-level work in progress at https://github.com/opendatakit/roadmap/projects/1. There have been discussions about putting together an even higher-level "vision" document to highlight areas of improvements that are projected.

Do you have any specific questions we could help answer?