[FYI] App Designer - Some clarification on Grunt

Hey guys,

This is not so much a question as a remark that is likely to be useful for others installing the App Designer from scratch theses days. Perhaps we could incorporate some of that info into the documentation eventually - in the meantime by googling people should land here at some point.

If after installing Grunt & unzipping the app designer, you run the "grunt" command in your app_designer folder & get:

"The package grunt@1.0.1 does not satisfy its siblings' peerDependencies requirements!"

Basically the version of grunt you got by running:

  • npm install grunt

Is the latest version, but what is specified in the dependancies is assumed to be grunt 0.4.5. In order to solve this:

  • npm uninstall grunt
  • npm install grunt@^0.4.5 --save-dev

If you then run the "grunt" command in you app designer folder, it'll start as expected.

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Also one thing that doesn't come out so clearly in the present documentation is that on top of installing the grunt client (npm install -g grunt-cli), you need to install (locally) grunt IN EACH app designer folder. To do that, simply cd to the desired app designer folder & run the grunt@^0.4.5.... command mentioned above.

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