GDS integration with Central - Image display


I have started to use GDS to display Central data. I read the notes about how images cannot be displayed in GDS as yet, however a URL would be available. Just wanted to know if this is something we can expect to be coming along in near future? Any workaround to handle this?


Heeeeelllp, someone, anyone! :slight_smile:

There are a lot of features, functionalities, and bug fixes that the development team is working very hard to complete and push. If there is a missing feature that you'd like you can start a discussion in #features. If many people express interest, it might influence the development team to prioritize the feature more highly. If there's a feature that you really need (and need it sooner rather than later) you can always talk with the Get ODK team about paying for the feature development.


Please don't bump posts, @saad. Support is provided when folks have free time. If free but slow support isn't acceptable, you can purchase priority support from the core team or post in the marketplace.

The feature in question has been requested at Can we hotlink ODK Central media files?. It will arrive eventually. And again, if that isn't acceptable, the best way to speed the arrival of a feature is to fund it the core team to build it.

Alternatively, as noted at Accessing images on PowerBI - #4 by LN, you can mirror media files elsewhere using the attachments API and prepend those urls to your media filename when you build the dashboard.

ruODK has some working examples in the OData vignette handling attachments: form introspection, download and prefix of local path. Feel free to transfer that process to GDS!

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