Generate different links which direct to the same form

I have programmed and uploaded in ODK version: 1.29.0 (Enketo/Kobo), and now I need:

  1. to generate different links which direct to the same form (the one I programmed). Each and different link should be identified by a reference end-code such as "0001", "0002" and so on. Each end-code represents a region/city/school. I have tried to create different forms (resulting in different links) but the results are obtained in different databases, which is not what I need.

  2. the second thing needed here is to have these codes imported into the results/database so we understand which link was filled in (monitoring quota purposes). In other words, when a respondent from X region fills in the questionnaire, I will be able to see this in the database/results.

I would appreciate very much if you could give me a hand.
Thank you in advanced!

Since you are using Kobo, I'd recommend you ask at

we are using both ENKETO and KOBO