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I am using ODK for a while; however, I have never used barcode feature for any of my forms. Currently, I am working on a project that requires generating, print and scan that back to an ODK form. Not sure whether all these features are supported by ODK or not. I couldn't find a guideline to establish the whole cycle. My requirements are as the following:

  1. I need to collect data from the field and generate barcode/QR code, based on the whole set of data or with some values and print the barcode before submitting the form.
  2. Then I need to scan that back to ODK using the same form and retrieve information by scanning the barcode/QR code
    Your help will be highly appreciated!


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Hi Imran,

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  1. You can generate a barcode/QR code and print it using Zebra printing. The ODK website has a good write up on using the Zebra printer and if you use the search on the forum, you'll find a couple of good threads on barcode printing that you can review. If the existing functionality isn't adequate, please start a discussion on Features about how you'd like that improved.

  2. Assuming the barcode is an ID/key, you can use CSV preloading to store the data and the barcode scan can replace the key that users manually enter. If you haven't used preloading before, try it out with a small data set and a text input first.

Finally, these sorts of questions should go to the Support category, so I've moved the thread there.


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