Geojson Polygon seems to be invalid

We face a bug trying to convert geojson from OData. Points and linestings are ok but polygons rise an error :
PostGIS function ST_GeomFromGeoJSON()

ERROR: ERREUR: The 'coordinates' in GeoJSON are not sufficiently nested

And online viewers or validators like ( rise an error close to this one :
`Line 1: a number was found where a coordinate array should have been found: this needs to be nested more deeply

Embedding the coordinates array into one more pair of brackets seems to solve the problem.

Here is a submission with two invalid polygons pulled from Central :

2021-04-22.json (1.8 KB)

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Hi @mathieubossaert! This is a known bug that should be fixed as part of v1.2. For more details, see

Hi @Matthew_White,
Thanks for your answer. I searched "geojson" related issues so I didn't find it in github...
Good news it is fixed :wink:

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