GeoODK and ODK

What geographic data are you trying to record? Just point(s)? What is the problem with using ODK for your work? A data collection functionality? A visualization tool on the server? Something else?

ODK Collect and a geopoint type question should work well for recording the latitude and longtitude of a location. If your error is that geopoint in ODK Collect is not saving GPS coordinates then the problem might be with your device hardware and not with the software.

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I was trying to record the latitude and longitude of the location. I use the same device for both apps; through ODK the location was not recorded whereas GeoODK was working perfectly. So is it my device problem or something else?
Looking for reply.

That is unusual. Are you able to get the following screens when collecting location using ODK?

Do columns for the question show up in your data export? If yes, what do the row values look like?

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After exporting data they look like following but I don't get all the location for each interview if I use ODK data collect. For that, I am interested to use GeoODK so that I could all the location points.
On the mobile screen, it looks like as you attached here but it took a long time even sometimes it could not record the points..

geopoint_test2-Latitude geopoint_test2-Longitude geopoint_test2-Altitude geopoint_test2-Accuracy
24.58445667 91.38616833 9.1 4.8


The GPS can take a long time to get an accurate location if you are under a roof, trees, or surrounded by buildings or other obstacles. I cannot think of a reason why GeoODK would work but not ODK Collect. Both apps will be reading the coordinates from the phone's GPS chip and driver. We've sometimes used the GPS Essentials app to check the functionality of the GPS of a phone. What model of phone and version of Android are you using?

Now I am working with Huawei GR5 and Android 7.0 version.


That phone and Android version are certainly modern enough. I am sure you've checked, but the phone GPS is turned on? I'm sorry, but I can't think of any other questions to help troubleshoot.

@Badrun_Nahar This doesn't sound like a problem with ODK Collect, but rather a device problem. Can you download GPS Status and see if you can get GPS lock?

when i start the GPS status it looks like that

and on ODK it looks like that

Do you think is it device problem.


This is a device problem. Make sure your device is properly configured (see for hints), then make sure you are outside, have a clear view of the sky.

If you can get GPS Status to show a few satellites, then you'll know it's working. If you can't get GPS Status to work, then try a different device.

thank you for your reply.I get four satellites when I am outside.But I am interest to know when I use GeoODK with same device in indoor it could get GPS records.Why such thing is happening ?


Bithi, I don't know. That might be a good question for the GeoODK mailing list at!forum/geoodk-community.

I would be curious about the accuracy of the GeoODK measurements. Does GeoODK show you the number of satellites being used for the measurement or just the GPS coordinates that it will record? Is it possible that GeoODK is just using the last known location? Or has access to location based on WiFi or cellular network (which isn't being used by ODK Collect for some reason)?

Just discover GeoODK by this post. May I aska this following question:

is GeoODK Collect a fork of ODK Collect with better management of the types: geopoint-geotrace-geoshape?

GeoODK Collect is a fork of ODK Collect. It hasn't had a meaningful update in a while. Based on the lack of activity at, I'd say it's no longer being worked on.

Much of the functionality that it has is in stock Collect. I believe the biggest current difference now is GeoODK Collect lets you visually all the geo data you've collected on the device.

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Just the way the collect data are visually shown!?

Indeed, by analyzing, the input interface of geopoint/geotrace/geoshape is more or less identical now! And the way to load another mbtiles map background is still GeoODK strength

You can also load mbtiles in ODK Collect. The documentation is at

Further, I believe GeoODK Collect is mostly based on ODK Collect 1.4.6, which is about four years old and there've been thousands of bug fixes and new features released since then.

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Great! I haven't found this documentation before.

Hello everyone!

Can you please tell me how should i upload the excel sheet on geoserver and then on geoODK app.
I will be highly obliged if my query is solved at the earliest.

Thank you.

Ayushi Baweja

Hi @Ayushi_Baweja, unfortunately geoserver and GeoODK are not part of the core ODK ecosystem and so we can't help with them on this forum. You can find the supported tools listed in the docs:

You'll need to check out the resources for help on their app.

There are some exciting new changes coming to geo functionality in ODK. Check it out and we'd love to know what you think: Visualize on the fly in the mobile phone the data collected with ODK on a map

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