Geopoint problem

What is the problem? Please be detailed.

In my project in some smartphone geopoint work they could record latitude, longitude altitude and accuracy.please note that to collect the geo data I have activated my location information and I have google maps in the mobile phone.So why should it work for some and not work for some?Is there any solution or I should use other apps such google logger or there should be internet connection during the recording time.
Please inform me.I need the geolocation record for all forms.


What ODK tool and version are you using? And on what device and operating system version?
ODK Collect v1.11.1

Hi @Badrun_Nahar , we also faced the same problem in field work and then we find a software on play store, Active GPS.

Why we get this problem is because many time when you try to take geo point your network connection can give you problem because of slow connection, so we find a way we used an Active GPS software, so when we take interview on ODK we put our phone/tablet in flight mode and then use Active GPS, I am also attaching a power point presentation, about how to use Active GPS?

Steps which you need to perform:
1 Install active gps and set up
2 Run active GPS
3 put your phone in flight mode
4 conduct your interview and take record gps location in your ODK app.

Looking forward to your feedback. I am sure this will help you.

Thank you.If it works on flight mood then it should be worked offline?Am I right?


Correct, it will work offline as well so there is no need to use internet for taking geo point.


thank you for your reply has good documentation on how you can improve location performance. In general, location is determined by the GPS chip in your device and a having a clear view of the sky.

If you are having problems with Collect's location, it's also a good idea to use a tool like GPS Status to confirm that you are seeing as many satellites as possible.

We'll be improving the geo user interface in Collect soon by showing users more information about what the GPS is doing. Follow the topic at Show satellites and time elapsed in geopoint dialog to get more information.


thank you for your reply.

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