Geopoint with accuracy Threshold is not always re-evaluated

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.

Using a repeat loop to create Geopoint (automatic) with the parameter body::accuracyThreshold set to 5 meters, Collect do not always recalculate the position even if I walk 20 meters.
This repeat contains an inner repeat for species observations
2. What steps can we take to reproduce this issue?

To reproduce the issue, I created 3 geopoints in a loop and the 2 first were located at the same place.

3. What have you tried to fix the issue?

4. Upload any forms or screenshots you can share publicly below.

A simplified version of the form but with the same structure.

bug_gps_auto.xlsx (13,3 Ko)

I have the same problem.
I made several tests on several phones (3 Crosscall, 1 samsung) with latest version of ODKCollect installed from PlayStore (Google), the problem persists.
I d'ont have any problem before the update, or I don't noticed it.
I have the impression that the problem of GPS recalculation occurs at the 2nd geo point and not at the 3rd point.
Maybe it's just an impression.
Best regards.

Hi @mathieubossaert and @MathieuDenat
Thanks for reporting the issue. I'm going to investigate it and I will get back to you once I know some details.

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I can confirm that the issue exists in ODK Collect v2024.1. The fix is ready and waiting for the QA team. They should be able to test it tomorrow and hopefully, we will have a new point release too.

Wow !
Thanks a lot @Grzesiek2010 !

Thanks so much for the report @mathieubossaert and @MathieuDenat. And thanks for the quick fix, @Grzesiek2010. Collect v2024.1.3 is now out.

The quality assurance team has added a check to capture multiple real points at some distance from each other when we make changes to location-related code or libraries.

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