Geopoints,images not uploaded to aggregate

Hello people
Please assist my ODK Aggregate is working fine over the LAN,it is accessible from any machine on the network,i can send forms over the wifi,problem is only data in text format is uploaded from collect to Aggregate,every time i check geopints and images,i dont find them in Aggregate even when collect shows success in sending forms,i only find data in text format from the same form.
I have tried briefcase but with no success
My odk aggregate 1.4 runs on windows 10,with tomcat 8 and MySQL 5.7 running

Thank you in advance for your help

Aggregate v1.4 is very old and so you might want to upgrading. As to the issue at hand, first, check to see if you have incomplete submissions. Next, read your Tomcat logs and MySQL logs to see if there are any errors on submission.

Thank you,your assistance is much appreciated